As your editor & writer, I guide you as you write your personal story.

My team's job is to remove barriers for you to make you a first time author.

We hold space for you in the book writing process.

The Writing Process: How We Do It

You'll be working with me and my team.

We craft the narrative together. The wisdom is all within you. We use creative writing prompts & talk therapy to facilitate wordsmithing.

We meet weekly to discuss progress, writing, editing, storytelling, publishing logistics, cover art creation.

Roll up your sleeves and join me.

"⛰️The first mountain is easier with a Sherpa. ⛰️

📖The first book is easier with Alex Pop. 📖"

A Safe Space to Write


Pro NFL player Joe Montana said "Boy's who can't cry shoot bullets." Men need vulnerable spaces.


Maya Angelou said “Don’t curse the darkness, light a flame.” May the kindness you show others be gifted back to you tenfold. Light one up sister.


Jesus said of the angry mob “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Let us choose to step out of ignorance. Let us choose to confront our darkest shadow parts, and come back a hero.

It's no secret that the barriers to publishing are now easier than ever. It's so easy to do it on your own.

YouTube "How to get published on Amazon KDP" and learn on your own if you have the time.

Through Amazon is how I published my first book, 'The Monk and the Drunk', and my second book, 'The Nun and the Diva'.

We get you published on Amazon so you have access to this large market.

I save people decades..

Book a time 👉🏼in my calendar.

We will speak for 20 - 30 minutes.


Book a free time with me today and learn how get your book to print ☝🏼

Are you looking for

• A writer with a Master's degree

• Someone to hold your vision

• Someone to listen, (and gently motivate you) when the going gets tough

• A writer who has 'walked the walk' by publishing two books

• An online brand strategist who has positioned entrepreneurs, doctors, and artists

Yep, sounds like me!

How we get your book published

WRITING. We write the book together. We set ourselves a target window of 🐢 4 months, 🐰3 months, or 🐆1 month.

STORYTELLING. Scene. Character building. World creation. Project timeline. Book outline.

EDITING. Grammar. Punctuation. All that jazz. We check in weekly. Expect edits on three rounds of manuscript drafts.

COVER DESIGN. From napkin doodles to a polished final product on Adobe Illustrator, 'People do judge book by their covers.' I expect your eyes to gleam multiple times throughout the cover art design process. This part is so important. Expect to be drooling with full chills in your body when you see your final cover art. 🎨 Expect three rounds of edits on cover design.

BOOK LAYOUT. Margins, sizing, print layout, special characters, page orientation, etc.

PRINT. Print as many books as you want, have them shipped all across the world.

LAUNCH PARTY. Bring your parents, friends and family! Bring a pen to sign your signature.

SHIPPING & LOGISTICS. ☆Print 250 books for yourself before your next TED Talk.

☆Send two books for grandma, which Amazon is shipping to her house in Miami Beach next week &

ten books for abuelo in New York, so he can hand them out at a family reunion."

READING. Read what you wrote out-loud. Share your message at open mic nights, gatherings, & parties. Bring the message to the people.



"Why do we write?"

>To look within

>To get recognition

>To heal the past

>To heal the future

>To make money

>To spread knowledge

>To become better version of ourselves

>To demonstrate to our community that we've undergone change

"What do I get?"

>You get to say to death, "Not today."

>Your memory lives on in your teachings.

>The psychological upgrade of knowing you slayed an ancestral dragon.

>The breakthrough peak experience moment that comes with transformation.

>Parts of it are going to be painful. However, I believe that with my guidance, and the help of my dear team, you will be completed with your first book.

>A launch party for family and friends.

"Alex, what are your credentials?"

>An advertising agency background, Masters in Psychology, two published books, my own marketing business operating since 2017, a graduate of Masterful Living, Gratitude.

>Have traveled to 10 countries, have lived in 3.

>And I'm getting married this year! (I found her).

"Alex, your words sway me. How much will this cost?


"A wedding dress maker says, 'Each bride gets a dress, but not all dresses cost the same.'


I say, "Each author gets a book, and not all books cost the same."

"Alex, my story is so intense only I could tell it. "

Your vantage point is unique. Only you could tell it.

Now how many more people have to die before you sit down to draft it?

I'll wait.

You're stalling if you think you need longer than 4 months to write your first book.

So then the question becomes

👇🏼"How fast would you like to travel?" 👇🏼

"Slow and steady wins the race"

Two monthly video meetings over 4 month period + Homework


I like turtles. Turtles have an idea of what they want to say, and this takes time to hatch. Like the story of Tortoise and the Hare, we know the Turtle will achieve victory in due time.

If you're a turtle we hold space, keep writing, keep talking, and keep looking for the gift until your story is ready to be told.

"I'm ready! I'm ready!"

Weekly meetings for 90 days to get your manuscript published + Homework


You are a hare if you have a concept in mind and are ready to go!

You can feel the urgency of the book within you yearning for expression.

(After working a month with me, a turtle becomes a hare).

First Book In One Month -

Full Speed Sprint


Ah, but the cheetah is a rare one indeed.

Cheetahs are my favorite people to work with because they have their shit together. Cheetahs have their manuscript written, which sets us up for success. (That you are so far along in your storytelling process signals to me that you have worked through some deep, heavy, ancestral trauma, which was left behind in favor of becoming more agile; good on you). Honestly, at this point the thing that takes the most time is the book cover design process; we want a stunningly illustrated front & back cover that gives worth to the pages within.

If you're a Cheetah, I want to meet cha.

Are you looking for

•A way to turn words into cash. (Cash that direct deposits into your bank account, every month, with each new book sale).

•A transformative psychological experience

•A way to become an author in 4 months or less

•The best digital business card you're ever going to need

Yep, sounds like me!

Book a time with me today and get your book to print 👇🏼


🐢 turtle, 🐰 hare, or 🐆cheetah, Let's talk!